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(GreenishAqua) Paper Rose Bouquet

The roses are usually at least 3" across or larger, Stems are usually at least 7" or longer.
Hello Friends !
I have here 6 handmade paper roses made by me,Rhonda Motteberg. They are very beautiful and realistic! My handmade paper roses are a labor of love ! How blessed I am to make these ! They bloom in my hands ! I dye all my papers & the shades are so pretty !!! You'll love these ! They last forever & a light feather dusting now & then insures them looking fresh  ! I tell you of all the things I make I think my paper roses send me the most . They are created with a smile on my face !!! I decorate with these EVERYWHERE in my home . They are a staple to a beautiful home!!!Of course that  is just my opinion !!!! :o)  
Did you know that paper is the first wedding anniversary gift ? 

How handy to have a bouquet of my roses on hand for gift giving ?

These roses are so pretty they'll be hard to part with so buy one for you & one for gift giving !

I hope you enjoy these sweet handmade by Rhonda Motteberg !

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