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(Ocean Annie) Mini Marvel Decorated Sea Shells Beach Decor Wedding Natural , Pearls , Roses Love Art


SIZE is not stated  but I have photographed these on a standard sized teacup saucer  , so you can get the idea of their size !  THE TEACUP SAUCER  IS NOT INCLUDED  NOR ARE ANY OF THE PROPS USED IN THE PHOTO .

I have a collection of  real seashells  here that have been decorated by me Rhonda Motteberg using my own hand made  clay roses ! Boy are these sweet !They are pretty just setting around , or nested in  some potpori  of rose petals or better yet  in an old decrative cigar box ,I happen to love the ones with the beautiful Victorian & Edwardian  ladies on them !  I know , I AM GETTING DISTRACTED  , imaine that , right in the middle of my description ! Can't help it ! I get SO ECITED OVER PRETTY & these are you know ! Set these along  with old things like   flower petals , spanish moss ,  an old bird's nest  , along side old lace & sewing stuff , I mean really , just pop them in along side your favorite things ! These are just pretty you know  ! I love them  ! Let them  be a staple in your home decorating ! I love stuff like this , I hope you do too ! Enjoy these unique treasures from Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs  ! Thank you  friends for shopping from me ! Feel free to like my face book page ! 

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